Become A VIP Sleeper

Carpe Diem Guesthouse is proud to announce our new VIP rewards program. Earn points for each overnight stay and receive a $100 Reward Certificate.

Here's How it Works ...
Carpe Diem Guesthouse's VIP Sleeper rewards program is one of the ways we say "Thank You" to our loyal guests. When you stay at our Guest House Inn, simply present your VIP Sleeper Passport card to receive points toward your $100.00 Gift Certificate!  

Participating is simple – just contact us or ask for a VIP Sleeper Card at check-in and make sure you have it stamped and dated every time you stay with us (we are unable to credit past stays). Once you've earned 25 points our staff will send you a reward certificate for $100.00 towards your next stay at Carpe Diem! It’s just that simple. You will earn points with each overnight stay at our Provincetown Inn!
Due to the small nature of our Provincetown Hotel, the following guidelines apply when earning credit for VIP Sleepers:
•  Full regular room rate = 2 points

•  Discounted room rate = 1 point

•  Frequent Sleeper credit is only available to the person or couple occupying
    the room

•  25 points must be accrued within a 36 month period to receive a $100.00
   Gift Certificate

•  VIP Sleeper cards must be redeemed within one year of accruing the 25
    points to receive a reward certificate

Contact us for more information about becoming a VIP at Carpe Diem - your luxurious Provincetown Lodging option.