First Blog - and now ??

So here we are - a completely new website that made Carpe Diem Guesthouse enter the mobile world and made browsing our website user friendly on all devices (for now at least:). We hope you do enjoy the new look and feel and most of all ease of navigation! -  BUT wait - now we have to BLOG so the search engines find new content and 'spiders' don't neglect our website ? Who would have thought that I would ever try to attract spiders :)

Here is our new Iphone / Android look - we think BoostDFM (our web designers) did a fantastic job capturing the essence of Carpe Diem guest house inn. Please let us know if you have visited the new page - if you like it / don't like it - anything you would like to share with us!

OK - here it is - my very first blog - with Carnival around the corner I am sure we will have lots to share .... but for now - all eyes to the new website! Thank you BoostDFM !
Rainer & the Carpe Diem Team

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