George Sand Room

Newly renovated, the sophisticated style and a sunlit sitting area are the highlights of this room.  The private deck area and the fireplace make this room a favorite in all seasons.  This room is centrally located at our guest house inn. Considering the proximity to the common area and Namasté Spa, this room is especially suited for people who like to socialize and meet new friends.




Queen-size Bed
Walk-in Shower
Fireplace/Sitting Area
Flat-screen TV
Private Entrance
Private Balcony


Writer Bio

“We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book on the fire.”

 — George Sand

The free-spirited author George Sand scandalized 19th-century Paris when she defied convention and pioneered an independent path for women with her passionate search for a new way of being. She was of prodigious energies, managing to produce 70 novels, 24 plays, 40,000 letters and more. During her career she played an important, if long underestimated role in the evolution of the novel. Sand questioned the sexual identity and gender destinies in fiction.