Heinrich Heine Room

Two mansard windows fill this room at our Provincetown inn with ample sunlight. In the winter the barren trees on Johnson Street allow for some limited views of Provincetown's scenic Cape Cod harbor, which can be especially beautiful at sunrise. A warm, classic Chinese print covers a feature wall giving a tranquil and relaxing ambiance.  The room is a freshly redecorated and welcoming space.


Queen-size Bed
Walk-in Shower
Flat-screen TV


Writer Bio

“Each violet peeps from its dwelling to gaze at the bright stars above.”

 — Heinrich Heine

Heinrich Heine was a German-born poet and writer of the late 1700's who was more highly regarded in France, England, and America than in his homeland. His poetry and thinking was deeply influenced by major events of the time like the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. He died in Paris, where he had lived from 1831 as one of the central figures of the literary scene.