Renovations are nearly complete!

Submitted by carpe-stephen on Sat, 03/04/2017 - 12:32

We are excited that our winter program of renovations is nearly wrapped up.  Last year we did 11 of our 18 guest rooms, and this year we are completing the final rooms.  This week we finished the Oscar Wilde Room (photo above), and it came out amazing.  We currently have Robert Frost under way, and finally James Baldwin next week.  We can't wait until our guests see the results, but you can check it out online under our Rooms listings.

The winter has been lively here, with so many return guests joining us plus plenty of new folks checking out us and Provincetown for the first time.  Spring looks to be great as well.  As the weather turns, all hearts turn to Provinctown!

We look forward to see you all soon.