William Shakespeare Room

This large room at our Provincetown inn has vaulted ceilings and windows on three sides providing wonderful views of our garden patio as well as the Pilgrim Monument. There is a queen-size bed and a comfortable seating with two armchairs, as well as a gas Franklin Stove that gives the room the cozy ambiance of those good old days passed. Located in the historic building of Carpe Diem the bathroom is on the smaller side.




Queen-size Bed
Walk-in Shower
Fireplace/Sitting Area
Flat-screen TV


Writer Bio

“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but the wise man knows himself a fool.”

 — William Shakespeare

Possibly the most famous poet of them all, Shakespeare is known not only for his plays but also for his beautiful sonnets. We include Shakespeare here as he has been an inspiration to, and influence on, poets and writers worldwide for centuries past, and surely for many more to come.